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Fireproof drill to be launched

May 3, 2001, 11:00 CEST

Statoil has been involved in the development of a grinding tool for use in explosion hazardous areas. The tool has been developed through the group’s LUP supplier development programme.

Statoil, Atlas Copco, Safety Tools Allmet and Chr Michelsen Research have developed the drill. Due to its composition it is capable of grinding steel without causing sparks.

The tool will be available on the Norwegian market from around May-June. According to Jonas Schanche Sandved in Statoil's industrial development unit, it will now be possible to carry out tasks such as removing rust prior to painting on offshore and land based facilities without the time consuming processes associated with hot work permits.

The grinding drill has been thoroughly tested at Gexcon’s facilities at Sotra outside Bergen. Gexcon carries out gas testing and is a part of Chr Michelsen Research. The tool was tested in gas mixtures and in heated and flammable fluids such as petrol, diesel and paint thinners.

Safety Tools Allmet, which is going to market the grinding tool, believes that the results from the tests are sensational. According to the company this innovation is suited to future EU requirements.