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Dismantling in Lyngdal

May 30, 2001, 10:00 CEST

Parts of the riser platform 2/4-S arrived in Lyngdal in southern Norway on the crane barge Thialf at the end of last week. The platform was brought ashore sooner than expected.

Favourable weather conditions meant that the operation did not take as long as estimated.

Project manager Sverre Dunseth reports that the deck and larger modules are lying over an extensive area owned by Lyngdal Recycling, the company that has been awarded the contract to dismantle the 7000-tonne steel platform. The operation will begin some time this summer.

Statoil is responsible for following up the further work and for ensuring that the authorities’ requirements to health, safety and the environment are met.

Sector manager Aase-Brit Borsheim in Statoil’s industrial development unit says that the equipment brought ashore will be inspected, and any reusable parts may be sold.

The industrial development unit will deal with the sale on behalf of the Statpipe owners.