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Making wood pellets in Denmark

October 25, 2001, 01:30 CEST

Statoil will start to produce wood pellets in Denmark at the beginning of November.

Production will take place in the Jutland town of Vejen, at a factory that Statoil took over from the Danish company Spanvall in August.

“This investment is a stage in Statoil’s continued focus on environmentally-friendly, high-quality products,” reports Flemming Rasmussen, marketing manager in Statoil Energi Danmark.

“By setting up production in Vejen we are demonstrating our commitment to permanent and sustainable sources of energy.”

Mr Rasmussen anticipates an annual production of around 30,000 tonnes.

Two tonnes of wood pellets provide the same energy as 1000 litres of heating oil, but cost half as much per thermal unit, since wood pellets are exempt from taxation. Mr Rasmussen adds that wood pellet heating systems are therefore a good investment for the private, public and commercial sectors alike.

Statoil currently produces wood pellets in Norway and Sweden.