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New helicopter introduced

February 21, 2005, 08:00 CET

The new Sikorsky S92 helicopter will be making its first regular flight for Statoil from Bergen’s Flesland airport to the Tampen area of the North Sea today, 21 February.

“Introducing this new machine is part of our commitment to improved safety,” says Thormod Hope, vice president for emergency response, maritime operations and air transport.

“Passengers will experience a clear improvement in comfort on board in terms of both noise level and space.”

Statoil is one of the first oil companies in the world to adopt the new US-made S92 helicopter, which can accommodate up to 19 passengers.

The Super Puma machines used by the group today on the Norwegian continental shelf can carry 18 people under optimum conditions.

“We can also make more flights per day with the S92 because it’s faster and has a larger range than the Super Puma,” Mr Hope reports.

A total of five S92 machines are due to be introduced during the spring and summer by Norsk Helikopter and CHC Helikopter Service, which have transport contracts with Statoil.