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Mongstad celebrates 30th anniversary

June 3, 2005, 01:55 CEST

The Mongstad refinery operated by Statoil near Bergen celebrates its 30th anniversary today, 3 June, having grown over these three decades into a powerhouse for Norwegian oil and gas processing.

Also ranked as an important industrial workplace, this facility has developed into far more than a refinery.

“The initial construction of Mongstad was a correct and forward-looking decision,” says Jon A Jacobsen, executive vice president for Manufacturing & Marketing (F&M).

He notes that its expansion has included the addition of a crude oil terminal which supports Statoil’s extensive worldwide exports of crude oil and products.

“We’ve built a large and hi-tech industrial complex which also fractionates natural gas liquids into valuable products and serves as an expertise centre for processing.”

Adding that Mongstad has a strong specialist staff, he says the facility ranks today as an oil and gas centre which is operated well and with high regularity.

“We’re proud of Mongstad and are very satisfied with the financial results achieved in recent years,” Mr Jacobsen says.

“We can share in value creation by the refining sector today because a commitment was once made and because the plant has been upgraded, expanded and kept in tip-top shape by employees who know their job.”

He emphasises that development of the Mongstad complex has not ceased. Its location makes this facility a unique industrial site which Statoil aims to do more with.

“We have just over 680 employees there, who are all very well qualified and make a maximum commitment every day,” says Mr Jacobsen.

“In addition come 70 apprentices, more than in any other Norwegian company. Ensuring continued growth in expertise is an absolutely key consideration for us.

“We’re maintaining our efforts to ensure that Mongstad is an attractive, safe and profitable workplace which attracts the best people.”

Today’s celebrations include a lunch for guests and employees at Mongstad, with greetings from the county governor, the local authority chair, the regional council chair and others.