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M&M contract for Tjeldbergodden

August 31, 2005, 01:00 CEST

A contract worth some NOK 150 million, excluding options, for maintenance and modification work (M&M) at the Tjeldbergodden complex has been awarded by Statoil to Norway’s Reinertsen group.

Covering the plants operated by Statoil at the mid-Norwegian site, this assignment comes into force on 1 November and will run over five years with options for three two-year extensions.

“The award is backed by an overall assessment of health, safety, environmental, quality and expertise aspects as well as price and capacity,” says vice president Arve Rennemo at Tjeldbergodden.

The contract’s scope of work is estimated at 50,000 hours per year. Turnarounds can also be included, at a calculated 35,000 hours per shut-down.

Reinertsen holds the existing maintenance and modification contract at the complex, which was awarded in 1996 when its plants were built.

Under the new assignment, the group will cooperate with sub-contractors Kaefer IKM, Siemens and Force Technology.

The main activity at Tjeldbergodden is production of methanol in Europe’s largest plant for this chemical, with gas piped from Statoil’s Heidrun field in the Norwegian Sea as feedstock.

Europe and the US east coast represent the principal markets for methanol shipped from this facility.

Statoil has about 110 employees at Tjeldbergodden. The new contract will involve roughly 30 work-years from Reinertsen and its sub-contractors.