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World Petroleum Congress: A success for Hydro

September 29, 2005, 18:00 CEST

President and CEO Eivind Reiten was one of the main speakers at the World Petroleum Congress in Johannesburg on Thursday. In his address he emphasised that the oil industry's task is not only to create value for shareholders, but to develop the world's potential energy.

"As heads of industry we cannot address factors that influence how industry appears, without considering whether we are able to maintain and develop a sustainable industry," said Eivind Reiten in his speech, entitled "Corporate governance – the factors that influence the image of the industry".

He pointed out that industrial leaders in the oil industry have a responsibility that stretches beyond creating values for shareholders; their task is to develop the world's energy potential. He saw four important means to succeeding in this – technological development, concern for the environment, investments and partnerships.

Hydro won

On Wednesday evening Hydro held a reception for invited guests at the restaurant "Balalaika" in Johannesburg. After Eivind Reiten had welcomed the many guests, Hydro's centennial film was shown. The cordial atmosphere warmed still further when the man responsible for Hydro's stand at the WPC exhibition, Cato Meling in Oil & Energy communications, arrived brandishing a fine trophy, after having taken part in the competition for the best stand of the exhibition. Hydro's stand had won first prize.

The artists Steffen, Julie and Dódó Mirande put the icing on the cake with fantastic jazz jamming and song. The rhythms and spirit proved infectious for the guests, who soon began to dance. The reception was meant to last until 21.30, but the guests weren't in a mood for leaving. It would be an understatement to say that the event was a success.

Resounding success

Hydro has demonstrated its expertise in many fora, and many new contacts have been established at this WPC fair.

On Wednesday morning Kjetil Solbrække, head of International Business Development in Oil & Energy, took part in a round table conference on gas distribution, "Distribution and transportation of gas – LNG or pipeline?" On Thursday afternoon Jan Helge Skogen, head of Hydro's activities in Angola, held a poster exhbition outside the conference halls with the topic "Increasing yields from fields".

Many of the WPC congress delegates were not familiar with Hydro and the company's diverse operations when they came to the World Petroleum Conference on September 25. The messages that were conveyed through lectures and active conference participation – and through high levels of activity at Hydro's stand – have undoubtedly changed that. Seen with Hydro eyes, the World Petrolem Congress 2005 has been a resounding success.