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Åsgard B back on stream

October 30, 2005, 19:30 CET

Production resumed on the Åsgard B platform in the Norwegian Sea on Saturday 29 October. It was shut down on 15 October following a fire in the exhaust section in one of the main generators.

Work to repair the damage is continuing. The fire was caused by a leak in an exhaust boiler. Following the fire, the other exhaust boilers have been examined. Some
of them have been taken out of operation.

"It was important to find out the cause of the fire and then make the necessary repairs to ensure a safe and secure start-up. Some repair work remains to be done, and we are therefore producing at 75 per cent of our normal level", says Olav Skotheim, vice president for Åsgard operations.

Production from the Statoil-operated Mikkel field was also stopped, and the Statoil-operated Heidrun field did not export gas through the Åsgard Transport pipeline in the period during which Åsgard B was shut down.

Heidrun production is now back to normal. As with Åsgard B, however, output from Mikkel remains somewhat reduced.

Deliveries to Statoil's gas customers have not been affected by the shortfall in output.