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Exploration application in Danish waters

November 2, 2005, 15:30 CET

Hydro delivered an application together with German energy company Wintershall on Tuesday for offshore exploration areas made available during the sixth concession round in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

The deadline for exploration applications in this concession round is Tuesday. The areas made available by Danish authorities in this concession round are in the North Sea, west of Denmark.

Most of the acreages opened lie in the Central Graven area, where most of Denmark's existing oil and gas fields are found, as well as an area closer to to the coastline.

"The exploration milieu in Hydro has worked with Wintershall to develop an extensive application in the Danish Central Graven, south of the (Norwegian) Ekofisk area," says Tove Stuhr Sjøblom, Hydro's exploration manager for the North Sea.

"Work on this Danish concession round follows up our previous exploration success on the commercial Hejre find, and the non-commercial Stork find. But we're also applying for other exploration areas in Central Graven," Sjøblom says.

Hydro is evaluating different development solutions for Hejre together with operator ConocoPhillips. Hydro holds a 25 percent stake in the field.