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Modernising Snorre A

April 18, 2006, 12:00 CEST

A contract worth just over NOK 125 million for a new module on the Snorre A platform has been awarded by operator Statoil to Leirvik Module Technology.

Intended to enhance safety on the floating North Sea installation, the delivery covers a unit containing a new control room, cabins and galley.

This investment by Statoil and its partners clearly shows the efforts being devoted to enhancing Snorre A and extending its producing life, says Lars Christian Bacher. He is senior vice president for the Tampen area.

The group is also continuing to adopt operational improvements on the platform. Making this installation more robust is necessary for it to meet future requirements and expectations.

“Large oil and gas resources remain to be discovered in the Snorre area,” Mr Bacher notes. “This field will continue to be an important oil producer for many years to come.

“We’re now investing to be sure that we have a top-notch platform for the rest of Snorre’s producing life.”

Design work on the new module will start immediately, with prefabrication scheduled to begin in June. The job will as far as possible be completed on land to minimise offshore work.

This structure is due for delivery fully tested next March, and will be installed as a single unit by a heavy-lift vessel in June of the same year.

Among other benefits, the new control room will make the platform safer and more secure. It also opens the way for integrated operation with land, thereby improving efficiency.

Statoil is also due to award a contract for transporting and installing the module, while another for preparing the area on the platform and offshore hook-up will be placed during the spring.

The commitment to Snorre A is part of the group’s follow-up after the gas blowout on this field in 2004.

Snorre A is an integrated production, drilling and accommodation floater held to the seabed by steel tethers. This “tension leg” platform (TLP) has been on stream since 1992.