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Making Kollsnes more robust

November 30, 2006, 08:00 CET

A contract worth NOK 790 million for upgrading the Kollsnes gas processing plant near Bergen has been awarded to Vetco Aibel by Statoil on behalf of operator Gassco.

This job covers engineering, installation/construction and commissioning of a new compressor for gas from the condensate plant, and a new condensate train.

“These modifications will make Kollsnes more robust for future gas deliveries,” explains Bjørn Laastad, project manager for Troll future development.

“The investment will improve opportunities for processing gas from the Troll, Kvitebjørn and Visund fields in the North Sea.”

Building a compressor and improving condensate capacity simultaneously will ensure efficient project execution and reduce the scope of work.

Installing a new condensate train eliminates the need for an extended shutdown when the heat exchangers on the existing train need to be replaced in 2008.

“It’s very important to ensure a high level of available capacity and regularity at Kollsnes,” explains Arnulf Østensen, vice president for technical operation at Gassco.

“Upgrading the gas and condensate facilities will contribute to that. This project also lays the basis for future capacity expansions.”

The Kollsnes plant currently processes gas from Troll, Kvitebjørn and Visund and sends it on through four pipeline systems to continental Europe.

Able to handle 143 million standard cubic metres of gas per day, these installations are owned by Gassled and operated by Gassco with Statoil as the technical service provider.

The contract with Vetco Aibel comes into force immediately, and the work is due to be completed in the autumn of 2008.