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The new organization

March 19, 2007, 08:00 CET

Exploration and production Norway

Operations North Sea Lars Chr Bacher (42) from Statoil 

Exploration Tim Dodson (47) from Statoil 


development Torstein Hole (47) from Statoil 

Operations West Arne Sigve Nylund (46) from Statoil 

Drilling and well Per Haaland (48) from Statoil 

Health, safety and environment Tove Rørhuus (50) from Statoil 

Finance and control Siv Solem (40) from Hydro 

Reserve replacement

and business

development Hege Marie Norheim (40) from Hydro 

People and organisation Anne T Hestenes (45) from Statoil 

Operations North Øystein Michelsen (51) from Hydro 


International exploration and production

Finance and control Anders Hatteland (39) from Statoil 

Global exploration Bill Maloney (51) from Statoil 

Business development John Knight (49) from Statoil 

Europe and North Africa Ottar Rekdal (57) from Statoil 

North America Øivind Reinertsen (54) from Statoil 

Southern Atlantic Basin Kjetil Solbrække (44) from Hydro 

Eurasia, Middle East and Asia Torgeir Kydland (50) from Hydro 

People and organisation Lise Sollerud (47) from Hydro 

Health, safety and environment Roald Riise (54) from Statoil 



Offshore modifications Morten Ruth (49) from Statoil 

Procurement Kjell-Erik Østdahl (42) from Statoil 

Finance and control Marion Svihus (51) from Statoil 

Land-based facilities Knut Magne Vågen (43) from Statoil 

Offshore projects and satellite fields Bård Heimset (51) from Statoil 

Project management Olav Jan Støve (55) from Hydro 

Project control Halfdan Brustad (46) from Hydro 

International Einar Kilde (46) from Hydro 

People, organisation

and HSE Helga Nes (50) from Hydro 


Technology and new energy

Research and development Morten Loktu (46) from Statoil 

Early phase and concept development Bjarne Bakken (48) from Statoil 

Marine technology

and operations Øystein Håland (52) from Statoil 

Sub surface technology Hilde Tonne (41) from Hydro 

People, organisation

and HSE Heidi Drilen (48) from Statoil 

Global exploration technology Bård Krokan (44) from Hydro 

Process and processing technology Halfdan Knudsen (48) from Hydro 

Finance and control Torje Saur (40) from Statoil 

New energy Alexandra Bech Gjørv (41) from Hydro 


Natural gas

Processing and transport Knut Barland (48) from Statoil 

International gas development Irene Rummelhof (40) from Statoil 

Supply and infrastructure Maria Moræus Hanssen (42) from Hydro 

Trading and operations Tor Martin Anfinnsen (46) from Statoil 

Marketing Bjørn R Jacobsen (51) from Statoil 

Finance and control Trine Kloster (42) from Statoil 

Strategy and analysis Jan Rune Schøpp (43) from Statoil 

Health, safety and environment Snorre W Jensen (60) from Statoil 

People and organisation Liv H Berstad (49) from Statoil 


Manufacturing and marketing

Oil trading and supply Jan K Karlsen (48) from Statoil 

Manufacturing Einar Strømsvåg (51) from Statoil 

Energy and retail Jacob Schram (44) from Statoil 

People and organisation Heidi Sunde (52) from Statoil 

Finance and control Bent Rune Solheim (42) from Statoil 

Health, safety and environment Egil Kai Elde (49) from Statoil 

Strategy and business development Peder Sortland (43) from Statoil 


Chief financial officer

Finance Stig H Christiansen (39) from Statoil 

Legal Tom M Eide (46) from Statoil 

Planning and performance management Torgrim Reitan (38) from Statoil 

Investor relations Lars T Sørensen (46) from Statoil 

Risk management Petter Kapstad (52) from Statoil 

Accounting and

financial compliance Kåre Thomsen (54) from Statoil 

Strategy and acquisitions David W. Nunn (54) from Hydro 

Tax Finn Lexow (39) from Hydro 

Financial operations Egil Steinberg (50) from Statoil 


Staffs and corporate services

People and organisation Jens R. Jenssen (53) from Statoil 

Global business services Hans Jakob Hegge (38) from Statoil 

Health, safety and environment Gunnar Breivik (48) from Hydro 

Information management and -technology Rune Espedal (50) from Statoil 

Management systems Randi Grung-Olsen (55) from Statoil 

Integrity and social responsibility Anders Kullerud (52) from Hydro 

Communication Reidar Gjærum (46) from Statoil 

Corporate Audit Stein Egil Næss (55) from Statoil