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Technology collaboration yields results

May 4, 2007, 13:00 CEST

A seven-year partnership between Statoil and Schlumberger has brought new technology to several Statoil-operated fields. The partners have invested NOK 400 million in technology development.

"The deal emerged from a recognition of common challenges and needs," says Sjur Talstad, senior vice president for subsurface technology in the Technology & Projects (T&P) business area.

Both Schlumberger and Statoil er technology-driven companies that are dependent on close collaboration to secure strong positions in the oil industry."

When the partnership began in 2000, the goal was to develop and use technology quicker and better. So far, the NOK 400 million investment has resulted in new technology at Statoil-operated fields such as Åsgard, Kristin and Heidrun in the Norwegian Sea, as well as Kvitebjørn, Sleipner and Gullfaks in the North Sea.

A total of 27 technology projects within the areas of petrophysics, seismics, drilling and well technology, data management and production optimising have been carried out by Statoil and Schlumberger.

The results have attracted attention outside Norway. This week, Schlumberger presented the technology partnership at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), in Houston, USA, the world's largest of its kind. The partnership with Statoil has also won several global prizes in the Schlumberger organisation.

"I think the success can be attributed to a clear and defined work division between oil and service companies," explains Carl Trowell, head of Schlumberger's North Sea activities.

"Our role is to develop new technology, while Statoil's is to implement such technology."

"For Statoil, this is all about getting market priority," says Mr Talstad.

"The partnership secures tailored solutions to our challenges. This contributes to an increased value creation as well as safer and more effective operations. At the same time the partnership is about challenging each other on technology development. Service companies can also challenge us with technology we haven't yet employed."

Based on experience with Schlumberger, Statoil established a similar subsurface partnership with service companies Halliburton and Baker Hughes in 2006.