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Increased oil production from Oseberg

March 12, 2010, 09:35 CET

The process facility on the Oseberg Field Centre was rebuilt to reduce the back pressure. (Photo: Harald Pettersen)

"We have carried out extensive modifications to the process facility on the Oseberg Field Centre and removed a bottleneck for increased oil production," says Torstein Hole, area manager for Operations West in Statoil.

The modifications enable the recovery of an additional 20 million barrels of oil from Oseberg. This corresponds to a value of nearly NOK 10 billion at the current oil prices.

Total investments in Oseberg low-pressure production were NOK 1 billion. The project was completed NOK 200 million below budget.

Solution to a challenge

Low-pressure production from Oseberg is the solution to a challenge which is common in mature fields on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The pressure has been reduced in the Oseberg reservoirs, after 20 years of oil production and nine years of gas exports.

In order to maintain a high level of oil production, it became necessary to rebuild the process facility to reduce the platform back pressure.