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Fossekall-Dompap on the fast track

March 30, 2011, 12:48 CEST

The estimated NOK 1 billion subsea production system deal includes several template manifold structures, a range of subsea trees, a control system and a tie-in system. The contract also includes options for other NCS field developments.


Vidar Birkeland,  project procurement vice president.

”This is our fifth fast-track project in line and we are pleased to see that preparatory work from the suppliers and our own project team positions us to uphold a fast-track tempo,” says project procurement vice president Vidar Birkeland.

“By utilising simplified and standardised solutions and existing frame agreements, we are able to put out contracts more quickly. We need to keep up the tempo to reach the company’s goals, and this contract award is yet another example of us steadily increasing the pace,” he adds.

The contract is being awarded based on competition between suppliers with subsea services frame agreements with Statoil. Aker Solutions will perform under the contract from their sites in Norway and the UK. Contract work will start immediately, with final deliveries made in the second quarter of 2013.  


Halfdan Knudsen, vice president of the NCS fast-track field developments.

The fast-track developments are needed to make small discoveries profitable and maximise NCS potential. By adopting standardised equipment and rationalising the use of time and resources, Statoil aims to reduce the development time for fast-track developments from roughly five years to two and a half.

“Standardisation and industrialisation through the fast-track portfolio is an important measure for us, and we’re holding our focus through the entire project range,” says Halfdan Knudsen, vice president of the NCS fast-track field developments. 

“With this contract we’ve secured deliveries for a long period of time from both Fossekall and Dompap, and are on route to start-up in late 2012. We are focusing our energies in and around Norne because we have spare capacity in a well-known and developed area. Fossekall and Dompap are the first fast-track projects in the Norne area and secure increased production time there.” Knudsen asserts.      

The first four fast-track projects – Visund South, Katla, Gygrid and Vigdis North-East – are all on schedule. New projects are continuously being assessed and added to the portfolio.