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Wrapping up collaboration with by:Larm

October 22, 2013, 10:03 CEST

Kvelertak received Statoil's export grant during by:Larm 2011. After six years the partnership between Statoil and by:Larm is coming to an end. (Photo: Harald Pettersen/Statoil)

In a unique cooperation between culture and business, the Statoil award has helped give artists such as Jarle Bernhoft, Mathias Eick and Kvelertak a much-appreciated boost on the international stage.

“We wanted to help spotlight Norwegian talents and managed to do so in cooperation with by:Larm. Norwegian pop music garners respect far beyond our borders and we’re proud of our active role in by:Larm’s history. These were six fantastic years and Statoil wishes by:Larm and their new partners the best of luck,” says Marius Rosenberg Amundsen, head of sponsorships in Statoil ASA.

“This has been a true pioneer project in a Norwegian context,” says Erlend Mogård-Larsen, general manager of by:Larm. ”Norway does not have much of a tradition for private enterprise directly supporting the development of pop music artists. The Statoil grant has shown us how it can be done.

”We thank Statoil for their good cooperation and the contribution they have made to Norwegian artists through this project. We hope that others will be inspired and recognise the value of making an active contribution to the Norwegian music scene.”

New focus
“Now that Statoil is winding up its collaboration with by:Larm, we have decided to focus on promoting the Nordic Music Prize,” says Mogård-Larsen. “The objective of this prize, which was awarded for the first time in 2011, is to highlight Nordic music and break down barriers between the neighbouring Nordic countries.

“By:Larm established itself as the most important venue for new Norwegian music in recent years, so it is natural that by:Larm move in this direction.”

While we have ended our partnership with by:Larm, Statoil still sponsors talent development in the cultural arena through the Heroes of Tomorrow programme. This includes the Statoil classical music scholarship, Trondheim Soloists, and the Stavanger Symphonic Orchestra.