Rowan Stavanger to drill for Gudrun

October 22, 2018 14:14 CEST

Rowan Norway Limited has been awarded a contract for drilling two wells at the Gudrun field by use of the Rowan Stavanger jack-up rig. The rig has furthermore been awarded five options for drilling of single wells.

Equinor has signed a framework agreement with Rowan Norway Limited, based on terms that will also apply to future rig contracts with the company.

The contract with Rowan Stavanger is based on the framework format and gives Equinor exclusive right to use the rig up to 2025 if the rig is kept in continuous operation.

The Rowan Stavanger rig
The Rowan Stavanger rig

The value of the fixed part of the contract is estimated at USD 23 million. In addition to drilling services, the rig owner is responsible for casing running, slop treatment and cuttings handling.

“We are pleased to establish an agreement with a rig supplier that is new to us as operator on the Norwegian continental shelf. Rowan is a large worldwide supplier of jack-up rigs. We want to have a long-term cooperation with Rowan and have therefore signed a framework agreement with them,” says Geir Tungesvik, senior vice president for Equinor’s drilling & well cluster.

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Photo of contract signing
Back row: Einar Johan Ruud (left) (Equinor), Louise Michalsen (Rowan), Glenn Richard Bysveen (Equinor), Olav Gustad (Rowan), Per Haaland (Equinor), Eric Wesselingh (Rowan), Petter Kostøl (Equinor), Bjarte Taranger (Rowan), Geir Aase (Equinor), Gunstein Reiestad Varhaug (Equinor) and Ovar Aarsland (Equinor). Front row: Jack Winton (left) (Rowan) and Rannfrid Skjervold (Equinor). (Photo: Kjetil Eide / Equinor ASA)