CCB Kollsnes selected for CO2 receiving terminal

November 9, 2017 15:00 CET

Gassnova and Statoil have concluded that a CO2 receiving terminal will be located at the premises of CCB Kollsnes AS in the Naturgassparken industrial area in the municipality of Øygarden by Bergen in Western Norway.

“Our decision to select CCB Kollsnes is based on an overall evaluation of factors such as safety, technical and commercial conditions, costs and expansion possibilities,” says project director Sverre Overå in Statoil. “This is a key milestone ensuring necessary progress in the project.”

Construction of the full-scale project including the onshore terminal is subject to the Norwegian parliament making a positive investment decision, scheduled for 2019.

The establishment of an onshore CO2 storage plant is part of the Norwegian authorities’ plans for developing full-scale CO2 handling in Norway. CO2 will be captured from onshore industrial plants in Eastern Norway and transported by ship from the capture area to the onshore reception plant. At this plant, the CO2 will be pumped from the ship to onshore tanks before it is sent in a pipeline and injected for permanent storage 1000-2000 metres below the seabed.

In June 2017, Statoil was assigned studies to mature a CO2 storage facility, and to establish cost estimates for a possible investment decision. The project has been strengthened by Shell and Total joining as collaboration partners. Gassnova has also extended the scope by including the study for ship transport.

Following the site selection, contracts will be awarded for engineering of site preparation, administration building and marine structures, processing facility and pipelines from the onshore plant to the offshore injection well. A contract for assistance in preparing the environmental impact assessment and zoning plan has already been awarded.

  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an important tool for reducing CO2 emissions and for reaching the global climate goals as defined in the Paris agreement.
  • Gassnova SF has the overall responsibility for realizing the Norwegian government’s ambition of a full-scale demonstration facility.
  • The first phase of this project will provide storage for up to 1.5 million tonnes of COper year. The project will store CO2 that is captured from onshore industrial plants in Eastern Norway. CO2 will be transported by ship to the onshore terminal.
  • The project will be prepared for further expansion of capacity to receive additional CO2-volumes, with the aim of stimulating new commercial carbon capture projects in Norway, Europe and other countries around the world. Consequently, the project has the potential of becoming the first carbon storage project in the world to receive CO2 from industrial sources in several countries.

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