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Equinor Ventures enters into agreement with Staveng Transfera

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Equinor Ventures has entered an Early Phase Project Funding agreement with Staveng Transfera AS to develop new lifting technology for the offshore and onshore industry.

Stavanger-based Staveng Transfera AS, a subsidiary of Stavanger Engineering, has developed the Loadmaster concept, an innovative solution that can transform the way material handling is done in the future, enabling remote controlled, hands-off lifting operations.

Additionally, it is looking into the possibilities for unmanned lifting operations both onshore and offshore, offering much improved logistics for unmanned platforms.

Loadmaster from Staveng Transfera can increase efficiency and improve safety within crane and lifting operations.

The technology development is co-funded by Equinor Ventures and Innovasjon Norge and aims to develop, pilot, and certify the Loadmaster for both onshore and offshore use.