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Equinor Ventures invests in Arcadia

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Equinor Ventures has invested in Arcadia through a SPV – Broadscale AP Investors LP. The $200 million financing round was led by J.P. Morgan.

Arcadia is a Washington DC based climate technology company that has constructed a dominant digital energy data platform called Arc. Leveraging interfaces with 9500 global utilities, Arc empowers Distributed Energy Resources (DER) innovators to build new technologies that interact directly with proliferating data across the full energy value chain, simplifying customer experience, sharpens value-added product development, enhances end-customer engagement, reduces customer acquisition cost, and measures carbon mitigation impact. Arcadia’s platform enables energy innovators to automate and optimize their products, making energy use cleaner and smarter.

Arcadia’s mission is to stop climate change by breaking the fossil fuel monopoly. Their technology aims at lighting a cleaner path forward for everyone, from everyday consumers and small businesses to the innovators building the next generation of energy products.