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Equinor Ventures invests in Context Labs

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Equinor Ventures is pleased to announce an investment in Context Labs, a company developing technology for asset grade data and analytics, cryptographically secured with blockchain.

Context Labs secures Series B1 funding that will help provide a comprehensive trusted-data solution for the energy sector for decarbonisation measurement, monitoring, and mitigation. This solution aims to leverage leading machine learning/AI-driven capabilities that will provide transparency and trust in the data that underlies the march toward global decarbonisation.

Context Labs solution uses the company’s Immutably™ technology stack which enables trusted data, digitally provenanced and cryptographically attested, as a bedrock for Climate Tech. This trusted “supply chain of data” reduces greenwashing, transforming ESG into a data-driven quantitative tool, and accelerating the deployment of trillions in capital targeted at addressing climate change.

In Equinor, digitalisation is a key element to achieve our goals during the energy transition. We are pleased to announce the investment in Context Labs as they develop digital tools to support decarbonisation and certification in energy markets. High-quality, verifiable information about energy systems is essential to driving the energy transition.