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Equinor Ventures invests in Inherit Carbon Solutions AS


In July 2022 Equinor Ventures successfully closed a seed investment in Inherit Carbon Solutions AS, an Oslo, Norway based startup that will support biogas producers participating in the emerging CO2 removal market (CDR). Co investors are Stratel and StartupLab.

To biogas producers, Inherit Carbon Solutions will offer to offtake their CO2 emissions and bring it to permanent storage sites. The company helps these producers reduce their emissions and generate additional income from participating in the emerging market for carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

Equinor Ventures led the seed round and has a track record of investing in startups and technology that reduce emissions and enable a well-functioning carbon market. “We are pleased to support Inherit as an enabler for the carbon capture and storage industry”. Equinor is a leading player in carbon management and a developer of industrial scale storage sites in Norway, Europe, and the US.“We are looking forward to supporting Inherit in bringing scale to their business” says Gareth Burns, head of Equinor Ventures.