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Equinor Ventures invests in Scout Drone Inspection AS

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Image of Scout Drone Inspection logo and a drone

Equinor Ventures is pleased to announce an investment in Scout Drone Inspection AS, a Trondheim based technology company that develops and offers a complete drone based inspection system for indoor industrial inspection.

Following a successful LOOP project with Scout Drone Inspection AS, Equinor Ventures is now also investing in the company, together with DNV Venture and existing shareholders.

Scout aims to fully digitize the inspection process, from planning, data collection, to geo-tagging of inspection findings and reporting.

The Scout drone is able to safely navigate in indoor confined spaces. An onboard 3D LIDAR continuously creates a 3D map of the environment, eliminating the need for GPS. Images and video are accurately geo-tagged with position data that so that you always know exactly where in the 3D model they were captured.

The first drone system, Scout 137, is now available in the market, as the company in parallel is working with further development of the system to continuously increase capabilities.