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H2H Saltend – Creating more than a net zero industrial region

The CEO and MMP EVP visiting Saltend Chemicals Park.
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The project aims to play a pioneering role in UK’s journey towards a net zero future and it is the local communities in Humber who will be at the forefront of the transition.

The ambition of the Zero Carbon Humber alliance that includes a broad segment of organizations and companies, is to create a region that can act as a pioneer for a zero-carbon future. The Humber region is recognized for its unique industry expertise and is the ideal location to develop UK’s first infrastructure for hydrogen and carbon dioxide emissions. We believe the support for emergence of such an ecosystem must be done together with the local society.

Creating future job opportunities together

Engaging with the local community to prepare and equip the coming generation for a net zero society.

With the development of the hydrogen infrastructure, a wide range of jobs will have been created when we approach 2040. Equinor has partnered up with schools, universities, and organizations across the region to support local communities being prepared and equipped to accommodate this industrial cluster.

Across geographies, Equinor aim to engage with inspiring young talents. In Humber, this includes co-sponsoring the Waterline Student Sustainability Challenge. The organisation encourages young people from local schools & colleges across the region to be creative and find real solutions to protect the environment and tackle climate change. The winning group will visit the Northern Lights project near Bergen, Norway, next year to get inspiration and gather learnings to bring back to Humber.

Our schools have seen first-hand the importance of protecting the environment and tackling climate change, with closures due to flooding in the recent memory. Equinor helps build understanding of energy and climate issues for both teachers and pupils through a range of curriculum activities, talks and careers events, setting the regional Humber context as well as the role of low carbon and renewable technology solutions.

Liam Johnson Teacher, Inmans Primary School, East Yorkshire
Picture of Flavia Bush and Ellie Haddon at the Women into Manufacturing & Engineering careers fair in 2022

Harnessing the power of diversity in Humber

Developing the Humber industrial cluster represents an opportunity to continue progressing the inclusion and diversity agenda.

The Humber industrial region could make the UK into a world-leading hydrogen economy. Due to the nature of this industry, a substantial amount of jobs needed to support this development will be related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). As of 2022, only 35% of the UK STEM students in higher education are women. Transitioning to a net zero society in a just and inclusive way entails gathering all the brightest minds and talents. That is why we work with Women into Manufacturing & Engineering to help inform and engage young women about the potential opportunities linked to the activities in the region.

We asked the girls that attended our latest event in Hull about their thoughts on the event and whether speaking with people from companies like Equinor had impacted their future ambitions. 59% of the girls were interested in a career in manufacturing and engineering when they arrived at the event - the people they met helped to move that to 98% being interested by the time they left!

Kirsty ClodeChair, Women into Manufacturing & Engineering