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Chemical process

Young male apprentice at work. Photo
Photo: Torstein Lund Eik

A chemical process operator's work consists of the daily operation of facilities for producing and processing, for example, chemicals and gas.

Meet Eirin and Markus, two of our chemical processing apprentices

Tasks for a chemical process operator can include:

  • Safe, reliable, and efficient operation of production units and processes following instructions and procedures
  • Work with chemicals of different hazard levels and aggregate states
  • Dealing with low and high temperatures and pressures, as well as large dimension equipment
  • Monitoring processes and using technical flowcharts
  • Troubleshooting and preparing process equipment for maintenance and carrying out preventive maintenance
  • Using digital tools
Young female apprentice.

What kind of person are we looking for?

An operator in the chemical process industry needs to understand contexts and the big picture whilst cooperating well with others. You'll need to be a confident communicator and be able to use your senses (smell, hearing, seeing, touch) to detect undesirable situations. You will be expected to solve acute problems quickly, efficiently, and safely.