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Photo: Einar Aslaksen

Equinor's catering focuses on sustainable food and is doing its part to reduce the use of red meat and increase the use of plant-based products, fish, and white meat.

We use locally sourced food and support local suppliers that can document lower CO2 emissions. We also want to create an environment where our apprentices can thrive through courses, gatherings, and apprentice competitions onshore.

The daily duties of a cook can include:

  • Taking part in daily tasks in the kitchen
  • Preparing food in accordance with Equinor's culinary standard
  • Preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our guests offshore
  • Using various raw materials and preparation methods in accordance with the curriculum
  • Preparing bakery and confectionery goods, as well as desserts
  • Composing daily menus, holiday menus, and theme menus

Meet one of our cookery apprentices

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What kind of person are we looking for?

Our apprentices work on an offshore rotation with two weeks at work and four weeks off. It's important that you're genuinely interested in preparing food independently, but you must also like to work as a team. You need to be open, bold, conscientious, and service-oriented.