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A power-supply fitter is a skilled electrical worker who works in energy generation and supply. The power-supply fitter's job involves installing, operating, maintaining, and documenting the production facilities, thus ensuring that we have safe and stable energy generation.

A power-supply fitter can work on several production facilities, both high-voltage and low-voltage in power plants and substation facilities.

The power-supply fitter's daily work involves using instruments, computer screens, and signals in the control room to monitor operations.

The daily duties as a power supply fitter can include:

  • Monitoring energy generation and energy supply.
  • Operating energy generation and energy supply.
  • Maintaining energy generation and energy supply.
  • Managing critical parts of the power grid.
  • Troubleshooting on several installations, turbines, generators, transformers, and switchgear.

What kind of person are we looking for?

You must be aware that this position places substantial demands on accuracy, independence, and responsibility. Since a lot of connection work is carried out using a colour code system, you should have good colour vision. You must be in good physical shape and able to work at considerable heights.