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Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland


In Equinor, you can explore a wide range of exciting career opportunities in our corporate teams. We offer diverse roles in finance, audit, strategy, communications, legal, HR, safety, security, sustainability, market analysis and trading.

These positions play a crucial role in shaping our operations and provide a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the energy business. We welcome candidates from various backgrounds, including those with technical expertise. As you progress in your career, there are many opportunities to explore different functions and teams within our organization.

Take a look at some of the corporate functions in Equinor below to see which one is the right one for you.

Corporate Audit & Investigation

We are looking for students who thrive in a methodical and impactful environment to join our Corporate Audit & Investigation team.

You’ll conduct audits, investigate incidents, deliver results, challenge practices, provide independent insights, and support key committees.

As Equinor's independent control body, we ensure effective management and control, offering independent assurance and advisory services to protect and improve operations.

Finance and Control

Join our Finance and Control team to get exciting opportunities in investment analysis, performance management, financing, risk management, and accounting.

In F&C, we drive Equinor's performance and value creation by ensuring financial accuracy, providing professional support, representing Equinor in financial markets, and managing tax, risk, and investor relations.

We seek candidates with strong analytical skills, attention to detail, financial acumen, and a drive for business excellence. Specializations or experience in computer science, data analytics, and digitalization are encouraged.


I never thought possible to work with some of the most complex and challenging legal issues and keep a great work-life balance. But I have this in my job and I love it! On top of that, my job encourages me to try different areas of law, and even commercial positions outside the legal department.

Nathan BlikstadGraduate, Legal
Nathan Blikstad

Market Analysis and Trading

In Market Analysis and Trading, you'll work with external analysis, trading, energy logistics, asset optimization, and new market development.

We are responsible for maximizing Equinor's global production value, handling marketing and trading, low carbon solutions, transportation, and market analysis.

You will be part of a team with approximately 1,000 employees in key roles, including traders, marketers, analysts, and operators. Strong analytical skills, market knowledge, and interest in the energy industry are essential for success.


People and Organisation – HR

Working in People and Organisation means working with Equinor’s greatest asset – our people.

As part of our 450-person strong team, you’ll help provide advice, support and specialist services to every area of the company. Working in PO is a unique opportunity to get to work with all of Equinor.

We work with a variety of tasks from attraction and recruitment, people development and employee relations to data analytics, strategy & change and personnel security. In PO, we value an open mindset, positive attitude, collaboration, ethics, and strong communication skills.


Strategy and Business Development

We're looking for people with strong analytical skills, a strategic mindset and drive for business growth to join our Strategy and Business Development team.

You’ll be tackling corporate development, identifying opportunities, analysing data for strategic recommendations, and contributing to initiatives that shape our company. As part of our team of around 300 professionals, you'll collaborate with colleagues across different business areas to bring together corporate strategy, business development, and mergers & acquisitions.

Cost Estimation and Analysis

Estimation and Analysis (ESA) plays a pivotal role in Equinor's decision-making process by providing accurate estimates and insightful analyses.

As an essential support to our strategic objectives, ESA optimizes the oil and gas portfolio, accelerates renewable growth, and leads in high-value, low-carbon projects.

Join us as a positive, open, flexible, and engaged student, and you'll have the opportunity to prepare facility CAPEX estimates for global oil and gas and offshore wind projects, collaborate with cross-functional teams. Analyze project benchmarks to enhance performance, identify risks and contribute to risk analysis, and continuously improve tools and processes for a sustainable energy future.

What I enjoy about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to develop my skills, learn new ones and work on exciting projects across the world.

Elisabeth HetlelidGraduate
Elisabeth Hetlelid

Project Management and Control

Working in Project Management and Control means delivering project control services to some of the most exciting projects in the energy transition.

You’ll deliver critical decision-making support, analyse performance and be a driver for continuous improvement.

Work alongside experienced colleagues and develop your skills, contribute to Equinor's strategic goals and the transition to a sustainable energy future – all while working within a diverse project portfolio. Effective communication, strong analytical abilities, attention to detail, collaborative mindset, and adaptability are essential qualities for success.

Supply Chain

As part of the program, you will collaborate with over 700 colleagues across Norway and international offices, gaining exposure to various aspects of supply chain management.

Through 4 - 5 rotations, spanning contract establishment, supplier relations, digitalization, logistics, and more, you will develop a strong foundation in supply chain fundamentals and commercial skills. This comprehensive program encourages innovation, personal growth, and leadership development, fostering a supportive community of graduates who contribute to Equinor's strategic agenda and global operations.

As a graduate I have been given a unique vantage point to observe the inner workings of Equinor from both operational and strategic perspectives. My training and rotations have equipped me with the necessary tools to tackle complex tasks, and delve into topics that interest me.

Oluwamayowa TogunGraduate
Oluwamayowa Togun