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It is important that the information given in the CV is correct and fact based. Ensure that you are accurate when listing timings of employment (month and year as a minimum), areas of responsibilities and the job title you had at the employer.

The information you give will be verified and checked as part of the background check. Errors or inconsistencies may impact the outcome of the background check.

A good CV is structured and clear, and must as a minimum contain the following information:

  • Under contact information/personal data you must state full name, address, email, phone number, date of birth and nationality/citizenship. If you have a dual citizenship, you must state both, along with the dates you were given these (e.g. from birth/from 2005).
  • Under education you must state the name of the institution, location, field of study, level, full/part time and the dates for the study program. Begin with the most recent education and include an explanation of any gaps. Note that if the education/degree is not complete this must be clearly stated in the CV. If the education/degree is not complete, state how many years you have completed or how many study credits has been achieved.
  • Under work experience you must state the company name, location, time period of the employment and degree of employment. Begin with the most recent employment and include an explanation of any gaps. Note that the main employer must be stated. If you have been hired out to other companies, then this can be listed as additional information.
  • Under courses and certifications you must specify the duration of the course, the title of the course, content, name of the course instructor and potential certification. Note that it is only necessary to list courses and certifications that are relevant to the role you are applying for.