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Amanda and Lotte at Hammerfest LNG
Amanda and Lotte at Hammerfest LNG.
Photo: Stian Pedersen, Polarnatt Media
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We’re strengthening our team!

Would you like to contribute to Europe’s energy supply, play a part in making sound decisions and work with colleagues who love their jobs?

We need more bright people to run our facility. People who want to take part in the exciting opportunities in the energy transition.

With a staff of around 350 Equinor employees, you'll get to know your colleagues quickly, you can take on responsibility at an early stage and, not least, find challenge in new disciplines. Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced employee looking for new challenges – we need you.

Maybe you're the one we're looking for?

Take a look at the positions we have vacant in Hammerfest right now

Meet your colleagues

Meet Lotte, and listen to her talk about the experience of working in Equinor and living in Hammerfest.


There are plenty of opportunities in the chemical process discipline, and at a complex plant like Hammerfest LNG, there's always more to learn.

Amanda SvendsenSenior Engineer Quality and Risk Management
Amanda Svendsen

I completed my apprenticeship at Hammerfest LNG and in 2016, I was hired as a process operator. There are plenty of opportunities in the chemical process discipline, and at a complex plant like Hammerfest LNG, there's always more to learn. After a few years as a control room operator, I started working with project work. I found out quickly that project work is a lot of fun. So today I work in a supportive role vis-à-vis the project managers with a focus on quality, and risks in the projects. I've also been very fortunate that my workplace facilitated and supported me through a bachelor's degree in international emergency preparedness at the University of Tromsø. My favorite part of my job is that every day is different, and that I'm able to take part in a broad spectrum of tasks so that I can truly challenge myself and grow.

A one-of-a-kind facility

Hammerfest LNG is Norway’s and Europe’s first large-scale production facility for cooled, liquid natural gas (LNG). It is also one of the world's most energy-efficient LNG plants, which means considerable emission reductions compared with similar plants.

The facility has been operational since 2007 and its job is to receive gas from fields in the Barents Sea, process and cool it down before the gas is stored in tanks. CO2 is separated from the natural gas and sent back to the fields.

LNG ships ready to transport energy out to Europe
LNG ships ready to transport energy out to Europe.
Photo: Rino Engdal

Plenty of opportunities for a long career

We have employees here who started as apprentices and are now permanent employees. Others have taken advantage of the opportunities we provide for continuing education while they work and have now moved into management positions on Melkøya.

One of the many advantages that come with working for Equinor is the vast number of opportunities for further development and work in other areas, or at other locations both in Norway and abroad. You just need to be open and pro-active and seize the opportunities that come your way.

If you're hired and move to Hammerfest, Equinor can offer you a number of incentives:

  • Mortgage scheme: Within given limits, new hires may be given an interest- and instalment-free loan for purchase or construction of private home in the municipality of Hammerfest. Costs related to purchase of private home may covered by the company. The mortgage scheme does apply to graduates.
  • Temporary housing: Equinor offers temporary housing for up to 1 year for new employees so that you have time to find your own permanent home.
  • Possibility of further education: employees can apply to have cost related to further education covered, such as bachelor's, master's or PhD studies.

This is in addition to the general incentives for Finnmark, such as lower income tax, writing off student loans and free daycare.

Photo of Hammerfest
Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland

Get to know Hammerfest

Are you moving back home? Or are you coming here for the first time?

We want to wish you a warm welcome to Hammerfest, where we can provide an exciting job with significant opportunities for growth, good colleagues and a fun city. A great place to combine the logistics of everyday life with an exciting job!

Hammerfest is located at 70.7 degrees north with its nose facing the Barents Sea.

Since the sun is nowhere to be seen for six months of the year, it's no wonder that they were among the first to light up their city; Hammerfest was actually the first city in Norway and Northern Europe to have electric street-lights.

Today, the city is living proof that it's possible to have big city flair in a small town at the far north of the country, with good restaurants, several hotels, a stop for the Hurtigruten coastal steamer, a brand new cultural centre, athletic facilities, the region's largest equestrian centre, newly renovated schools and day care facilities, heated sidewalks in the city, plenty of interesting jobs and a brand new hospital.

Not all, but much of this is due to the development and construction of Snøhvit and Hammerfest LNG.

We're hoping that you'd like to be part of our team, and we look forward to welcoming you and yours to the city.

Want to read more about what Hammerfest municipality has to offer? Check out the links below.

Visit the website: Visit Hammerfest
Melkøya, Hammerfest.
Melkøya, Hammerfest.
Photo: Einar Aslaksen

Equinor - an overview

We are an international energy company working to take a leading role in the energy transition. This will ensure that we can continue to create value, also in a low-carbon future.

Optimised oil and gas activities make up one of three main pillars in our strategy. Today, we account for 70% of oil and gas production in Norway, and our goal is to maintain profitable production from the Norwegian shelf at the current level leading up to 2030. At the same time, our ambition is to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2030, and to be a net-zero company by 2050.

We are among the world's largest offshore operators, the largest operator on the Norwegian shelf and the second-largest exporter of gas to Europe. With a competent organisation and a long history founded on technology and innovation, we have a unique starting point to play a leading role in the energy transition.

Solid finances and a strong balance sheet mean that we can seize opportunities as they present themselves. Our mission is to convert natural resources into energy for people and progress for society. We help keep society's wheels turning, keep homes lit and warm and ensure that vehicles have fuel, both in Norway and internationally. This is an important job. It's meaningful and varied, and every single day is different. Not much room for boredom here.