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Last updated: 19 October 2020.



This page has been established to provide key information to staff who are unable to access the company internal network during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whenever possible, you should refer to Insight as your primary source of information. Check back regularly for updates.

Important phone numbers:

Equinor main switchboard: +47 51 99 90 90

IT Support/ServiceNow: +47 51 99 92 22

Important links:

Note: some of these links require that you log in to the internal network. For full details on how to install and use Microsoft Authenticator, reset passwords and access the intranet, see the link ”How to work from home” below. 


NB! Suppliers & contractors please note: All hired personnel and contractors should refer to our suppliers page for information that applies to you regarding travel restrictions and health precautions.

Covid-19: Restrictions and health advice for Equinor personnel

Please note that this information applies to Equinor employees only.

In cases where national or local authorities have different regulations from Equinor, the strictest regulations apply. To the extent allowed by local authority regulations, business areas and functional areas must consider business criticality and risk when implementing the below regulations.

Please read all the information on this page and on Insight before contacting coronavirus support on Services@Equinor.

All employees are asked to follow advice and guidelines from local and national authorities, in Norway: the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Government.


Important information

The following restrictions apply to all Equinor personnel:

  • All personnel should keep informed when new information is available. Individual assessments should be based on business-criticality and risk.
  • Face-to-face meetings and close contact should be avoided in office areas. Read about working from the office here.
  • International business travel should be avoided. Domestic business trips should be considered diligently and require leader approval. (see news article for more details)
  • No international work travel unless approved by country manager.
    • For guidelines to Norwegian on- and offshore facilities, see the DPN Covid-19 info page and MMP Covid-19 info page.
    • International travel includes US interstate travel (except short-distance travel between neighbouring states)
  • All physical gatherings should be avoided unless business-critical.
  • Personnel who experience mild symptoms of respiratory infection must stay at home for at least 24 hours after symptoms go away, also even if the Covid test is negative.
  • If symptoms are more severe (cough, fever, shortness of breath), stay at home for one week after symptoms go away.
  • If you are placed in home quarantine by local health authorities inform your line manager if possible.
  • Work from home is to be considered as ordinary work and is not subject to additional compensation.
  • If you need to stay in a hotel due to quarantine, inform the hotel in advance about the reason for staying there.
  • In Norway, people who, by approved laboratory method, can document that they have had the Covid-19 virus in the past six months, are exempt from the quarantine. As of now, the PCR test is the only approved laboratory method.

For travel offshore the following also applies:

  • If you are a close contact of a household member (or similar close contact as defined by FHI) with symptoms of respiratory infection and testing for Covid-19, contact the company health service for an assessment of whether you can travel.
  • If you are a close contact of a person with probably Covid-19 infection (a person quarantined due to travel abroad or a close contact, having symptoms), you shall not travel offshore until test results are ready. If in doubt, consult the company health service.
  • If you are quarantined due to travel abroad or close contact with an ill person, and develop symptoms of fever of respiratory disease, you must isolate and take a test as soon as possible .You shall not travel offshore until test results are ready. If the test is negative, you must still remain quarantined for the entire quarantine period and wait at least 24 hours after symptoms disappear. If in doubt, consult the company health service.
  • If you cannot travel offshore, contact your nearest manager as soon as possible and before travelling to/arriving at the heliport.
  • For the latest COVID-19 restrictions related to DPN operations in Norway, please visit this site.

General health advice and precautions to avoid spread of the virus

  • Cough or sneeze into your bent elbow or a paper tissue.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Use hand sanitiser when soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Keep at least 2 metres of distance from other people.
  • Stay at home if you feel unwell.

Remember to take care of your colleagues and employees, and stay in touch.

Guidelines for quarantine


Quarantine length

Equinor globally

Equinor ASA / Norway
Travel abroad

Follow government regulations

Government requirements apply for travel between the Nordic countries.

For travels to Norway from other Schengen/EEA countries, 10 days quarantine for all travelers from red regions/countries. Follow updates from Norwegian health authorities.

Other exceptions may apply, see below this table.


Close contact with probable or confirmed infected person

Follow government regulations. No attendance at work site for 14 days.

10 days quarantine (government requirement).

Work-related travel from red countries in Schengen and EEA countries to Norway

  10 days entry quarantine, or two negative PCR tests for Covid-19.

Further requirements apply in different business areas. Please follow their guidelines:
DPN website
MMP website

Norwegian Institute of Public health advice- risk area map
Norwegian governments work travel advice from EEA/Schengen area

Equinor conducts risk assessments on a continuous basis and can impose home office (not attendance at work) at short notice based on local/regional changes in infection. Check if this applies to your work location through information from your business area. Links to DPN and MMP SharePoint sites.