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We recognise the great contributions that our suppliers make to the success of our company and the value they create for our partners and customers. We have gathered key information, tools and links for you below.

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Please note: On 16 May 2018, Statoil ASA changed its name to Equinor ASA. The name change supports the company’s development as a broad energy company. There will be no change to the company’s strategy or values, and our relationship with partners and stakeholders remain the same. This also means that there is no need to change existing contracts as the current legal entities will remain the same entities after the name change. For further information on the name change, please see our information page

We know that our suppliers contribute to significant value to us, our partners and customers, and we believe that maintaining a strong relationship with high-quality suppliers will enable us to maintain competitiveness over time.

Our ambition is to cooperate with the best performing suppliers and we expect our suppliers to maintain a high performance throughout the contract period.

We are committed to using suppliers who operate consistently in accordance with our values, and who maintain high standards for health, safety and environment (HSE), ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Our intention is to contribute to socio-economic development in communities where we have long-term development activities. This contribution may include local procurement of goods and services, direct and indirect local employment, local infrastructure development and local capacity development.  

Our suppliers help us to ensure safe and efficient operation at our facilities, to realise new projects and to give local ripple effects.

We would like continuous improvement to be a common goal for us, irrespective of whether we are dealing with security, technology, innovation, costs or climate. Equinor is committed to good cooperation with our suppliers, and our ambition is to be an open, accessible and responsive player.

What you can expect from us:

  • We will be open about how we work, our requirements and future plans
  • We will ensure balanced and fair treatment to achieve a sustainable supply chain
  • We shall be predictable against the market and the suppliers


We focus on connecting with institutions and companies large and small that can help us find solutions to concrete business challenges. We are always on the lookout for ideas and solutions to improve and expand our business.

Do you have a proposal for how to apply new solutions to our context in a pioneering way? 

This page is intended to provide the information you need to understand our purchasing process and qualify to deliver products and services to us.

We identify potential suppliers through regular supplier market analysis, and various qualification systems as listed below. Our main sourcing method is competitive tendering.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Statoil/Equinor, we recommend that you register your company information in the qualification systems listed below. Joining these databases does not guarantee that you will become a supplier to Statoil/Equinor, however, you will provide our buyers with information to help them determine whether your company is appropriate for consideration.

  • Oil & Gas activities in Norway and Denmark and East Africa: Achilles Joint Qualification
  • Generation and distribution of electricity in Norway, Sweden and Denmark: Sellihca Qualification: Sellihca 
  • Oil & Gas activities in UK and Netherlands: First Point Assessment Ltd
  • Oil & Gas and wind activities in USA and Canada (upstream, midstream, downstream): ISNetworld
  • Generation and distribution of electricity, distribution grids for gas, heat, cooling, drinking water etc in UK: Utility Vendor Data Base
  • Construction and building activities in Norway: StartBANK

All our suppliers must meet our minimum requirements, including safety, security, sustainability and public registration. For contracts involving high risk, the supplier’s management system will need to be qualified.

Suppliers for contracts valued at more than NOK 7 million are required to sign our Supplier Declaration, which establishes minimum standards for ethics, anti-corruption, health and safety, and commits our suppliers to respecting human rights and promoting these principles among their own sub-suppliers.

If you would like to contact us directly, you may use our Supplier Contact Form.

Downloads and resources are available further down the page.

 Our Vendor Portal is a web-based tool that covers the ordering and payment processes for materials, services, consultancy hire or combinations of these.

Suppliers log on to collect purchase orders and submit documentation and invoices. The purpose of the portal is to streamline the processes related to ordering and payment.

What is the Vendor Portal? 

  • A web-based tool for suppliers where they can interact with us
  • A solution well suited to suppliers with a medium-sized transaction volume
  • The portal covers the purchasing process
  • Supports a more structured process

Why use THE Vendor Portal? 

  • Easy to use 
  • E-mail notifications for new or changed Purchase Orders (POs)
  • One channel for electronic collaboration
  • Improved payment precision 
  • Safe and reliable solution 

Who can use the Portal?

Any existing supplier to Statoil/Equinor can use the Portal, but suppliers with 20-100 transactions per month may find it most suitable.  

How do we start using the Portal?

Get in touch with your Statoil/Equinor contracts coordinator and tell them that you want to start using the portal.

Our e-Sourcing portal is a web-based tool that covers the e-Sourcing and Manage agreement process for larger contracts.

Tenderers log on to collect published enquiry documents, perform Q&A sessions/clarifications and upload bid documents. Contiki e-Sourcing portal are also used in Framework agreement execution phase, for collaboration related to documents and communication.


The e-Sourcing portal is a web portal that enables Statoil/Equinor and Tenderers/suppliers to communicate and collaborate online.


  • Download documents associated with requests
  • Register their interest or intent to bid
  • Ask for and receive answers to clarifications
  • Deliver bidding documents (upload/sharing documents)
  • Manage agreement


Tenderers who receive invitation to participate in a e-Sourcing processes and/or suppliers that have an active contract(s).

Equinor’s eAuction portal is a web based negotiation tool.

Equinor’s aim to increase the use of eAuctions as a procurement tool, is part of our digital agenda. The eAuction tool will drive efficiency and competitive rates in our industry, without compromising safety and quality. The use of eAuction will be considered on a case-by-case basis, both for contracts and purchase orders. Each eAuction will be carefully designed and supplier training given in advance.


The eAuction portal is web tool that enables Equinor and suppliers to negotiate in real time.


  • Transparent and objective commercial negotiation with quick award
  • Open and fair chance to improve procurement ranking
  • Time efficient – no need for travelling
  • HSE and technical weightings are included


Qualified suppliers who receive invitation to participate in an eAuction event.


Safety and security always come first for us, without exception. We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to zero harm.

We strive to be an industry leader in safety, security and carbon efficiency, and we believe that all accidents related to people, environment and assets can be prevented.

Since our suppliers’ safety and security performance has a major impact on our own, we strongly emphasise the importance of mature safety and security cultures and organisational values during our supplier pre-qualification.

Supplier personnel who will have access to our locations or systems may be screened using designated lists such as sanctions lists or security related lists to ensure compliance with national and international sanctions regulations, and anti-corruption and security requirements.

As part of international efforts to combat terrorism, human rights violations, money laundering and other criminal activity, certain national governments and international organisations identify both individuals as well as entities as so-called designated parties. 

It will often be prohibited for a company such as ours to do business with or employ parties on a sanctions list. Moreover, such parties may in some instances also represent a security risk for us.

Accordingly, ahead of allowing personnel access to our sites, office locations or systems, we screen personnel through an automated name check against updated versions of relevant sanctions lists in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. 

Ethical conduct is essential for sustainable business and we treat ethics as an integral part of our activities. We expect high ethical standards of everyone who acts on our behalf, and we encourage our business partners to implement ethics standards compatible with our own.

We have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption in any form, including facilitation payments. We will comply with all applicable anti-corruption and bribery laws and take active steps to ensure that bribery or corruption does not occur in our business activities.

We believe in the benefits of competition, and we will always compete in a fair and ethically justifiable manner, both in relation to competitors as well as to customers and suppliers.

To ensure safe, consistent and high quality deliveries we rely on individuals and companies to operate in ways that secure compliance, safety and quality—every time.

Leaders in all companies must take responsibility for incorporating a good method of operation. The Compliance and Leadership Programme offers paths for answering these questions by focusing on the leadership required for developing a value-based performance culture, handling risk and applying the lessons learned to future deliveries. 

By focusing on the specific steps in the compliance and leadership model, we can all contribute towards creating a safer workplace. Compliance and Leadership is not a short-term campaign, it is how we work.

Key information

Travelling offshore by helicopter

Our air transport services handles more than 300,000 passenger movements on the NCS each year. A correct check in procedure is crucial to ensure that our helicopter operations run smoothly and on time.  

As a passenger, you are responsible to be aware of and follow the relevant requirements set out by us when travelling offshore. The following information will help you to ensure that an effective check in process is achieved.

Key information

How to send deliveries to Statoil/Equinor

We receive a large number of goods deliveries. Correct packing, marking and labelling is important to secure effective handling and processing.  

Here are the specifications you need to ensure successful deliveries to Norway or our facilities on the NCS.

Key information

How to send invoices to Statoil/Equinor

All invoices to Statoil/Equinor must be issued to the correct company in the Statoil/Equinor group, with the correct address and billing address. You can find the correct company information on our Purchase Order (PO).

We cannot process invoices that do not contain the correct information
(in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act). 

Here are the specifications you need to ensure successful invoicing:

*All figures from Annual report unless otherwise stated