Equinor opened its country office in South Korea in 2014, and has been supporting the teams supervising the construction of topsides for the Mariner and Aasta Hansteen platforms, the Aasta Hansteen hull, two Category-J rigs, two platforms for Johan Sverdrup, and now offshore wind.

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Offshore wind in South Korea

The share of renewable energy in South Korea’s power production is predicted to increase to 20% by 2030; aiming to add 49GW to its renewable production capacity by 2030, of which solar power accounts for 31GW and wind power 16GW. 

Donghae Windfarm project 
Together with our partners Korean National Oil Company and East West Power, we have the ambition to develop a 200 MW floating offshore wind farm in South Korea.

Firefly Wind Farm project
Equinor has started conducting wind measurements needed to further investigate the possibility of developing and constructing a floating offshore wind project with the potential of 800MW off the coast of Ulsan in South Korea.  

Collaboration is a key value in how Equinor operates in local communities in which we are present. To date, we have signed a general collaboration Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with all developers and Ulsan city and a 3rd party MoU with the Offshore wind project countermeasures committee and Ulsan City. We have entered these MoUs to foster the floating offshore wind industry infrastructure in response to the South Korean government's renewable energy policy. They are a testament to our belief in developing floating offshore wind in this area.

에퀴노르는 한국이 해상풍력에 강한 잠재력을 가지고 있고 부유식 해상 풍력의 중요한 시장이라고 보고 있다.

에퀴노르는 반딧불 부유식 해상 풍력단지를 개발하고 있으며, 파트너사인 한국석유공사, 동서발전과 함께 부유식 해상풍력 프로젝트인 동해-1의 개발도 목표로 하고 있다.

두 프로젝트 모두 울산 앞바다에 위치해 있다.

현재까지 울산시에서 개발을 추진중인 모든 개발사와 울산시가 참여한 MoU와 해상풍력사업대책위원회, 울산시와 제3자 MoU를 체결했다.

Stepping up Korean offshore wind plans, 3 GW collaboration with EWP

Equinor has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Korean East-West Power (EWP) to cooperate on 3 GW of offshore wind projects in South Korea. Together the partners will contribute significantly to the country’s ongoing energy transition and development of an offshore wind industry in Korea.

Building our rigs and platforms

Picture of the Valemon Topside at the Samsung shipyard in South Korea

Our activities in South Korea focus on the construction of the vast platforms and vessels used to find, produce and transport oil and gas. Several of these installations have been built at South Korean shipyards:

  • Mariner topsides constructed at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) on the island of Geoje.
  • Two category J drilling rigs for the Oseberg and Gullfaks fields constructed at Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), also on Geoje.
  • SHI delivered the Valemon topside and Heidrun FSU, and is currently fabricating two out of four topsides at the Johan Sverdrup field.
  • The Aasta Hansteen topside and hull were constructed at Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) near the city of Ulsan.

Equinor has personnel in South Korea to supervise all these projects. South Korea has previously delivered the following constructions: Gina Krog topside and Mariner FSU (in June 2016), the Valemon topside (delivered in June 2014), the Heidrun storage vessel (delivered in March 2015) and hulls for the Gjøa, Kristin and Åsgard B platforms. DSME has also built four category D rigs for the owner Songa. They have been designed by and will be in operation for Equinor.

How to contact us

Equinor is keen to receive feedback from local stakeholders and those working in our supply chain.

Email: UlsanFOW@equinor.com

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