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Photo: Manfred Jarisch

The development concept for the Grane oil field in the North Sea includes integrated living quarters, and processing and drilling platform standing on a bottom-fixed steel jacket.

The platform is located about 185 kilometres west of Haugesund. The water depth at the platform location is 127 metres.

Hydro discovered the field in 1991, and production started on 23 September 2003.

The oil in the Grane field is of a different type, found in younger geological formations than what we are used to on the NCS. Specifically, the Grane oil was deposited around 60 million years ago in sandstone from the Tertiary period.

When the Grane field came on stream, recoverable reserves were estimated at 700 million barrels of oil. The recoverable volumes have grown compared with the estimates in the PDO and amount to around 950 million barrels of oil, based on the 2021 plan.

The Svalin field is tied into the Grane platform. Svalin is situated 6 km southwest of Grane and consists of one well from the Grane platform and a subsea template linked to the Grane platform by pipeline. The field came on stream on 24 March 2014.


The Breidablikk oil field is located approx. 10 kilometers northeast of the Grane platform. The field is being developed with four subsea frames that are connected to the Grane platform. Drilling on the field will continue until 2025, and a total of 22 wells will be drilled.

Recoverable resources in Breidablikk are estimated to be close to 200 million barrels of oil.

Thanks to Breidablikk, the lifetime of the Grane platform will be extended from 2043 to 2060. Breidablikk was discovered in 1992.

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The oil from Grane is transported through a 212-km pipeline to the Sture terminal in Øygarden west of Bergen, where it is stored in vast rock caverns in the mountainside, awaiting shipment to the world market.

Location: Block 25/11, 185 km west of Haugesund
Production start: 23 September 2003
Production: Oil

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