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Njord A
Njord A
Photo: Thomas Sola

Njord is located in the Norwegian Sea, 30 kilometres west of Draugen. The field development concept includes a floating steel platform, Njord A, featuring an integrated deck with drilling and processing facilities and living quarters, and the Njord B storage vessel.

Discovered in 1986, the plan for development and operation (PDO) of the Njord field was approved in 1995. Production started in 1997, and in the period up to 2016 the field produced 167 million barrels of oil and 11 billion standard cubic metres of gas.

Originally planned to remain on stream until 2013, Njord’s economic life has been extended thanks to improved oil recovery and new discoveries near the field.

The Hyme field, tied back to the Njord A facility, came on stream in 2013.

In the period 2016 to 2022 extensive modifications were performed on the platform and storage vessel to allow production to continue until 2040. As part of this upgrading project the platform was also prepared for tie-in of the Bauge and Fenja fields.

Location: Block 6407/7 and 6407/10, some 130 kilometres northwest of Kristiansund and 30 kilometres west of the Draugen field.

Start-up: 30 September 1997

Production: Oil and gas

Partnership: Wintershall Dea (50%), Equinor (operator, 27.5%), Neptune Energy (22.5%).


Hyme is a small oil field developed by means of a subsea installation tied back to the Njord A platform. The Hyme field was discovered at Haltenbanken in June 2009, 19 kilometres northeast of the Njord A platform.

The field is tied back to the existing infrastructure on Njord A.
The field development concept includes a production well and a water injection well drilled through a four-slot subsea template.

In addition to being a commercial development project by itself, Hyme helps extend the productive life of the Njord field.

Partnership: Equinor (operator, 42.5%), Wintershall Dea (27.5%), Vår Energi (17.5%) Neptune Energy (12.5%).

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