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Photo: Anne-Mette Fjærli

2022 marks 25 years since the Norne field in the Norwegian Sea came on stream

The Norne field started production on 6 November 1997, following its discovery in 1992.

The Norne field is located in a licence that was awarded in 1986, and comprises blocks 6608/10 and 6608/11. The water depth at the Norne field is 380 metres, and the distance to the Heidrun field is 85 kilometres.

The development concept for the field included a production and storage vessel tied into well templates on the seabed. Flexible risers lead the wellstream to the ship. The ship rotates around a cylinder-shaped turret anchored to the seabed. The risers and umbilicals are also attached to the turret. The ship has a processing plant on deck and storage tanks for oil.

Gas has been exported from Norne since February 2001. The gas is transported through the pipeline systems Norne Gas Export and Åsgard Transport via Kårstø in northern Rogaland County to the Continent.

The distance between the field and the landing site in Dornum in Germany is just over 1,400 kilometres.

The Alve, Urd, Skuld and Marulk fields are tied into the Norne FPSO.

Consent to extend the life of Norne FPSO in 2018 increases value creation from the Norne field and its satellites. The hunt is still on for profitable infill wells, and the 6608/10-17 S (Cape Vulture) and 6507/3-8 (Gjøk) discoveries are planned as new tie-ins for the Norne FPSO.

Location: Blocks 6608/10 and 6608/11
Production start: 6 November 1997
Production: Oil

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