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Sørlige Nordsjø II

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Large-scale offshore wind farms at Sørlige Nordsjø II (SN2) will deliver renewable energy to Norway and potentially Europe, contributing to further develop the North Sea as an offshore energy hub, and create new industrial opportunities for Norway as an energy nation.

Map showing the location in the southern North Sea

The auction for acreage and state aid (contract for difference) at Sørlige Nordsjø II was successfully completed 20 March 2024. Equinor and RWE took part in the auction that was won by Ventyr Sørlige Nordsjø II AS – a consortium owned by Belgian developer Parkwind and Ingka of Sweden.

Find more information from the Ministry of Energy

The Norwegian Government announced in February 2022 that the first phase of the SN2 area will be an auction to develop a 1.5 GW windfarm that provides power to the Norwegian mainland. The second phase of SN2 could be a hybrid project (1.5 GW), delivering power to both Norway and Europe.

Equinor and RWE share a commitment of contributing to the ongoing energy transition. Combined we bring a broad and complementary set of experience and capabilities in all parts of the offshore wind value chain from development, production, and route to market to the benefit of the Norwegian society and the decarbonisation of the electricity system

We commit to:

  • A safe and cost-efficient projectdelivered on time: We have the financial strength to develop and execute large-scale industrial projects and decades of experience on managing risks in such projects.
  • Contribute to develop the Norwegian offshore wind industry: We will initiate early dialogue and ensure continuous engagement with Norwegian suppliers to develop cost-efficient solutions and increase their ability and competitiveness in the Norwegian and international offshore wind market. We want to motivate potential new entrants to the market and encourage new innovations.
  • Actively seek dialogue and find common solutions with fisheries and other marine actors and environmental organisations.
  • Evaluate the lifecycle environmental footprint from new installations and infrastructure and work actively to reduce impacts from all life stages; from material sourcing, production of components, installation, operation and end-of-life.

Our aim is to have the first windfarm in production in 2030.

Illustration of wind turbines, cables, stations and infrastructure

Equinor and RWE to explore opportunities for industrial development in the Mandal area

An offshore wind consortium consisting of Equinor and RWE Renewables has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Windport AS, a supplier of port facilities in the Mandal area. (Hydro REIN withdrew from the consortium in July 2023.)

Equinor, RWE and Hydro signed agreement with Windport AS. Press release 29 August 2022 (PDF)