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Utsira Nord

A floating offshore wind farm at Utsira Nord could be the next project in Norway with a size to drive industrialization of floating offshore wind and create new opportunities for the Norwegian offshore industry.

Map showing the location in the North Sea

Together with V√•rgr√łnn, we are eager to contribute to a new chapter in Norway‚Äôs energy legacy and position floating offshore wind as a new industry contributing to the energy transition.

As the leading floating offshore wind developer Equinor has the experience and capabilities necessary to develop the next, larger floating offshore wind farm in Norway after Hywind Tampen. V√•rgr√łnn builds on the strengths, experience and capacity of both Eni and HitecVision in achieving its ambitions within the renewable energy sector.

We commit to

  • Develop a competitive, cost-efficient supply chain industry: A home market for offshore wind power, particularly floating, will be important for developing the Norwegian offshore wind supply industry, and positioning new technologies for a growing global market. As a global developer Equinor knows what it takes to succeed and can also be a door opener for Norwegian developers on the global market, as we have been through our Hywind Demo, Hywind Scotland and Hywind Tampen projects.
  • Work together with the community. Co-existence is a prerequisite to develop a new industry within the renewable energy sector. Having been offshore for 50 years we know the challenges we will face and how important it is to develop joint solutions for all users of the sea.
Equinor and V√•rgr√łnn team up for floating wind at Utsira Nord (press release 6 May 2021)