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Photo: Jan Tore Tangvik

The Valemon gas and condensate field is located in the North Sea between the Kvitebjørn and Gullfaks South fields.

Valemon was proven in 1985 and production started on 3 January 2015.

The Valemon development concept utilises a bottom-fixed steel platform with a streamlined separation facility for gas, condensate and water. Valemon is unmanned, designed for remote-control from an operations centre at Sandsli in Bergen. Water depth in the area is 135 metres.

The Valemon reservoir lies at a depth of around 4000 metres, and it is quite complex. The reservoir is fractured and also has high pressure and high temperatures. The recoverable volumes have been significantly reduced compared with the PDO estimates. Based on the 2021 plan, expected recovery is around 18 billion cubic metres of gas, 0.2 million cubic metres of NGL and 2.3 million cubic metres of condensate.

The condensate is transported by pipeline to Kvitebjørn for stabilisation and further transport to the Mongstad refinery in Hordaland. The gas from Valemon is transported to Heimdal until 2023, after 2023 the gas will be transported together with the condensate for separation at Kvitebjørn. The gas will then be sent along with the rich gas from Kvitebjørn for further processing at Kollsnes, north of Bergen. After that, the dry gas will be routed to the European gas markets.

A submarine cable supplies Valemon with electricity from Kvitebjørn.

Location: Between Kvitebjørn and Gullfaks South in the North Sea
Start-up: 3 January 2015
Production: Gas and condensate

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