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Fire at Mongstad extinguished

Photo: Equinor

The situation is being handled by the emergency response organisation. A controlled combustion has been conducted from the leakage point. The fire is now extinguished.

The work to maintain and secure the affected system continues. Further examinations and any repairs will be conducted before the affected part of the processing plant can be restarted.

Earlier press release - 2022-07-03 10:38:

A fire has been reported at Mongstad. The incident was reported today at 5:46 CET to Equinor’s emergency response organisation. The plant has been evacuated apart from critical personnel handling operations and emergency response. No personnel injuries are reported.

Public rescue services and authorities have been notified and Equinor's emergency response organisation has been mobilised.

A controlled burning of trapped volumes through pressure relief is being conducted, with continuous cooling of the surrounding equipment.

The main plant is still in operation, but parts of the plant involved in production of some refined products are affected.

The emergency response organisation is in continuous contact with rescue services and other relevant authrorities in handling the incident.

Equinor has clear priorities in emergency response situations. Our first priority is to care for the people involved in the situation, followed by the environment and our surroundings, and then the technical integrity of our plant and our industrial interests.

The cause of the fire is not yet clear. Equinor will cooperate with the authorities in uncovering the cause of the incident.

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