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No negative environmental effect from Sture

September 21, 2004, 09:30 CEST

A report from the Department of Biology at the University of Bergen shows that there is no sign of environmental impact to the sea aournd the Hydro-operated Sture terminal. "The result of the study is very pleasing for the industry," says Hydro vice president Erik Sverre Jenssen.

The study was carried out close to the oil terminal at Sture in Øygarden municipality in 2003, at the request of Hydro.

The study confirms the results from the annual studies that have been carried out since the terminal started up in 1988.

The results of this systematic monitoring will be compared with the findings of three foundation studies that were carried out before the plant started up.

None of the previous studies have shown detrimental environmental effects to the environment in the sea around the terminal.

"The studies that were carried out around the oil terminal at Sture in 2003 give no indication of negative environmental effects that can be linked to operations at the oil terminal. The concentration of oil hydrocarbons in sediment and mussels is low, and shows not signs of pollution from the terminal, the study reports.

Positive for the industry
"This is good news for us as operator of the terminal and for the whole industry. The study is the result of an extensive monitoring programme. The conclusion is clear - the sea environment is not affected by operations at the terminal," says Erik Sverre Jenssen.

He is in charge of the North Sea business unit in Hydro.

"Discharges from the terminal have been reduced considerably, as there are now fewer vessels that bring ballast water to the plant. All discharge of water from the terminal is also cleaned before release to the sea. We are glad that our strict measures are shown to work," says Jensen.