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Oil & gas found in new part of Astero

November 21, 2006, 08:00 CET

An exploration test well (35/11-14S) has confirmed oil and gas volumes in a new section of the Astero structure, which Hydro proved in 2005. The new well provides important data for planning a new development in the area north of the Troll field in the North Sea.

“The new well has proven both oil and gas in a new section called Astero B and provides fresh information about the main Astero structure. The results from the well support our assumption of enough resources to justify a new development in the area,” says Hydro director Lars Christian Alsvik.

Astero lies about eight kilometers north of the Fram Vest field at a sea depth of 361 meters. The exploration well was drilled by floating rig, Transocean Winner, to a depth of 3,253 meters.

The results of the well will now be evaluated together with results and interpretations made from the original discovery well to determine the total resource potential in the structure.

Hydro is operator of production license 090B, which comprises the Astero structure. As operator, Hydro has developed the Fram Vest and Fram Øst fields in the same region. Fram Vest and Fram Øst are tied into the Troll C platform.

Hydro will deliver a plan for development and production of the Vega field, also in the same area, in December this year.

Partners in license 090B are:

Hydro (operator) 25 %
Revus 25 %
Statoil 20 %
Idemitsu 15 %
Gaz de France 15 %