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Award for the best website in Norway

April 17, 2008, 17:09 CEST

"This is simply an impressive website. It is probably the best website ever developed by a Norwegian enterprise," says Arve Stølann. 

Statement by the judging panel:
This is a very extensive website with a lot of information, at the same time as it is well and logically structured. It is very well planned and implemented - down to the smallest detail.

Stølann is the chairman of Farmand Activum AS, the company responsible for the award.

He was also a member of the judging panel. was launched on 1 October 2007, the day of the merger between Statoil and Hydro's oil and gas division.

But the work on the website has been an extensive development project that started long before the website was rolled out.                

A success story from the merger

"This is a fantastic recognition of our merger and integration work," says Kjetil Undhjem.


Kjetil Undhjem             (Photo: Øyvind Hagen)

He and his colleagues in Brand Management supervise the strategic part of the website work.     

" was set up as a merger project with people both from Hydro and Statoil. It ended up as Norway's best website - this is a fantastic merger story," Undhjem declares. was generated using a brand new technology tool; its appearance and structure were redesigned, and it was filled with new and touched up content.

Impressed by the information volume contains several thousand individual pages with news and facts, and attracts visitors from all over the world.

The great idea behind the website is to create an effective and dynamic communication channel for the users, particularly through good design and user experience.

"This is a website that is easy to find and the information volume is impressive. This is an impressive piece of work performed after the merger. We must give credits to those that have created this," the Farmand Activum chairman Stølann says.

The Farmand award for the best website has been presented since 2006. It is based on the same basic principles as the traditional Farmand award.