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Accommodation rig contract for Johan Sverdrup

November 4, 2015, 08:30 CET


Jacktel AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Master Marine A, located in Oslo/Norway, has been awarded a contract for the Haven jack-up accommodation rig for the installation and commissioning period for the Johan Sverdrup project phase 1.

Included in the accommodation services is bed capacity and catering services for project personnel. The accommodation rig will provide up to 400 beds on the Johan Sverdrup field.

To ensure required capacity for working on the Johan Sverdrup field, Haven will undergo an upgrade related to strength and length of the legs, including provision of new spud-cans/suction-caissons. The upgrade is expected to be performed at a yard in Norway.

Kjetel Digre

Kjetel Digre, senior vice president for the Johan Sverdrup development project.

The contract period is 18 months with an estimated start 15 June 2018. In addition there are 5x2 months options.   The total value of the firm contract period is approximately 178 million USD. including expected upgrade cost of approximately 100 million USD.

"We are very pleased with the contract awarded to Jacktel AS. The Haven jack-up accommodation rig  will be an important tool in the final offshore installation and commissioning phase, putting together the different pieces of the Johan Sverdrup puzzle "says Kjetel Digre, senior vice president for the Johan Sverdrup development project.

The development concept for Johan Sverdrup phase 1 will consist of four installations, including a utility and accommodation platform, a processing platform, a drilling platform and a riser platform, in addition to three subsea templates for water injection.


The Haven jack-up accommodation rig. (Photo: Sondre Steen Holvik)