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Is there oil in the Great Australian Bight? Possibly. Can we find out safely? Absolutely.

We’ve listened and learned. We know how much the Great Australian Bight matters to you. It could also be one of Australia’s largest untapped oil reserves. Now, our draft Environment Plan is ready, documenting how we can explore safely in the Bight. Read our plan and have your say.

Our draft environment plan is open for public comment. For details, see below.

Here’s our draft Environment Plan. In full — or in brief.

We’re voluntarily publishing our draft Environment Plan (EP) for the Stromlo-1 Exploration Drilling Program and collecting public comments for a period of 30 days. You can download the full version here — and we will keep it online when the comment period is over.


Our EP in brief 

A guide to our draft Environment Plan for Stromlo-1 Exploration Drilling Program.

This booklet is a guide to our draft EP for the Stromlo-1 Exploration Program in the Great Australian Bight. The full draft EP is 1,500 pages and has taken two years to prepare, with extensive dialogue and engagement with stakeholders shaping its development. We are committed to transparency and have published this guide as a tool to facilitate the public comment period.  

Can we drill safely in the Great Australian Bight?

In this video, exploration manager Camilla Aamodt explains how we’re drawing on decades of experience in Norway when planning for activities in the Great Australian Bight, and how safety always comes first. 

How it works: exploring for oil in the Bight

We’ve spent years preparing to explore here in Australia, including researching the conditions in the Bight. This film explains some of the technology we will use to explore.  

We published our draft Environment Plan for public comment on February 19.

Fact sheets


Questions and answers

What is the risk of an oil spill? Will there be a capping stack in place? How are you going to explore the Bight safely? Read the answers to these and other important questions.

Public comment period

For a 30-day period from February 19th to March 20th 2019*, our draft Environment Plan (EP) will be open for public comment. All submissions must be made directly to the regulator, NOPSEMA, via the link below.

We will consider all comments before updating to our EP and submitting it to the regulator, National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) for assessment. 

* Australian Western Standard Time (AWST, GMT+8)

Where do we plan to drill?


Our proposed well, Stromlo-1, is in licence area EPP 39, which is 372 km south of the closest southern coastline and 476 km west of Port Lincoln. Many people don’t realise there have already been 13 wells drilled in the Great Australian Bight.

Consultation and engagement with the public

We have held over 130 meetings with groups and organisations throughout South Australia to listen and learn about local issues and inform about our plans.

Authorities and organisations

During the open public comment period, until March 20, all comments on our Environment Plan must be addressed to NOPSEMA. For any other enquiries, you can contact us here.