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Our climate policies

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Equinor promotes policies supporting the goals of the Paris Agreement and forceful actions to accelerate the energy transition. Our advocacy and policy engagement is conducted in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. We actively work to ensure that the policy positions and advocacy of our membership organisations is supportive of and aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Policy measures must:

  • target the most significant greenhouse gas sources
  • be predictable, transparent and internationally aligned, to trigger investments and innovation
  • phase out subsidies on fossil fuels that exacerbate climate change and undermine the effects of other policy measures, such as carbon pricing and efforts to achieve sustainable development
  • promote research and development through public measures that stimulate investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration, hydrogen and other low carbon solutions
  • adopt carbon pricing that can deliver material and cost-efficient greenhouse gas emission reductions and a scale-up of investment in sustainable nature-based solutions.

Achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and net zero by 2050 require significant efforts from across society, including from governments, companies and individuals - individually and through collaboration. Equinor promotes transparency and collaboration, and we are committed to playing an active and positive role in society’s decarbonisation through direct and indirect climate policy engagement.