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Our approach to sustainability

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To us, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.¬†Our journey to develop as a broad energy company is founded on a strong commitment to sustainability, and our strategy ‚Äď always safe, high value and low carbon ‚Äď is applied in everything we do.

Annual report

Our integrated Annual Report for 2023 combines our financial and sustainability reporting.


The world needs energy providers that can deliver energy with lower emissions.

Expect great things from Equinor.‚ÄĮWe‚Äôre a broad energy company and sustainability is embedded in our work. We support the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we‚Äôre cutting emissions from our oil and gas activities, and investing ambitiously in renewables

By 2050, we aim to become a net-zero company, including emissions from production and use of energy.

Governance and risk
Illustration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that businesses must do their part.

That is why Equinor supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and shares the view that business has a key role to play in the implementation of the goals.

We recognise that our business activities may have both positive and negative impacts on the SDGs. We seek to be transparent about our impact, to contribute positively to the goals and to minimise negative impacts. While we recognise that our impact spans across the 17 goals, we believe that our actions have most impact on the six SDGs highlighted here.

Shared value

We don’t just energise the lives of millions of people. We want to empower them too.

We deliver energy to millions of people. Through our core business and supply chain, we create significant economic value and opportunities for society and communities through taxes, jobs, skills, education, innovation and social impact management. We develop our people and promote diversity and inclusion across our locations.

Find out how we’re creating shared value for our employees, people around the world and society:


Purchasing goods and services. Creating jobs and activity beyond our business. Ensuring support locally without compromising quality, safety, cost efficiency and other requirements.


We're tackling some of the world's biggest challenges head-on, and we need people with a strong drive to join us on our journey.


We believe that responsible and ethical behaviour is a prerequisite for sustainable business.

We look for business partners with similar values and ethical standards to ours, and we work with our suppliers to ensure integrity throughout our value chain.