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Equinor opened an office in Copenhagen in January 2024 to build a strong foothold in the country, focusing on recruitment and business opportunities within the renewable energy industry. We are also present in Denmark through our subsidiaries the energy trading house Danske Commodities, and the leading solar developer BeGreen.

Danske Commodities

In 2019, Equinor acquired Danske Commodities, a leading energy trading house. Danske Commodities trades power and gas across borders and uses its market knowledge and trading capabilities to support customers including renewable producers, conventional asset producers and energy suppliers.

The EUR 400 million acquisition of Danske Commodities (DC) supports our development as a broad energy company and strengthens our ability to capture value from our production of renewable electricity.

DC’s market presence and expertise in energy trading also complements our position as the second-largest supplier of natural gas to Europe and as one of the world’s largest net-sellers of crude oil.


Equinor acquired BeGreen, a leading Danish solar project developer in North-West Europe in 2023, to strengthen our capabilities and portfolio within Solar PV.

BeGreen has a proven track record as a solar developer and a strong project pipeline in attractive power markets like Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Poland.

The future power from the BeGreen portfolio will be commercialised in the energy market by Danske Commodities.

Map over Equinor activities in Denmark

How to find us in Denmark