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Equinor, a broad based energy company

We established a presence in Germany in 1984 with the aim of providing reliable and stable supplies of natural gas from Norway. Now, we are the second largest supplier of gas to Europe, and in the years to come, our goal is to pave the way to Germany's energy revolution with natural gas from Norway.

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How to find us in Germany

Jägerstrasse 58-60
10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 93 62 00 08


Conradsweg 5
26446 Friedeburg- Etzel

Tel: +49 4465 9442

How does Germany secure its energy future?

You just have to choose the right energy sources.

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What connects Germany and Norway?

Winter sports, love of nature and three natural gas pipelines.

Equinor opened its first German office in Düsseldorf in 1984. Then, as now, the focus was on reliable gas deliveries. Equinor Deutschland GmbH later moved to East Frisia - first to Emden and then to Etzel, where Equinor operates a natural gas storage facility through its subsidiary Equinor Deutschland Storage GmbH. In addition to the gas business, Equinor is also present in the offshore wind sector in Germany. Together with the operator E.ON, the company invested in the Arkona offshore wind farm, which is 35 kilometers off Rügen in the Baltic Sea. The 385 MW big park was opened in 2019. Equinor has had an office in Berlin since 2014 that is responsible for government and parliamentary contacts.

Arkona Offshore wind farm

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Kjell-Børge Freiberg, officially opened the Arkona offshore wind farm in spring 2019 with a ceremony in the port of Mukran. Arkona is the largest wind farm in the Baltic Sea and is located 35 kilometers northeast of the island of Rügen.

The wind farm is operated by the energy company E.ON and was built in cooperation with Equinor. Arkona already started feeding electricity into the German grid in September 2018. The total of 60 turbines in the six-megawatt class achieved their peak performance at the beginning of 2019. The wind farm has a total capacity of 385 megawatts. Arkona can save up to 1.2 million tons of CO₂ annually compared to conventionally generated electricity. The park is also a symbol of the close energy partnership between Norway and Germany.

Arkona press release 3 Oct 2019