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In the period 2018-2019, Equinor signed agreements with Polenergia to acquire a 50 % interest in the early-phase offshore wind development projects MFW Bałtyk I, MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III.

For information about Equinor in Polish, please follow this link.

How to find us in Poland

Central Point
Marszałkowska 107
00-110 Warszawa


Olivia Business Centre
al. Grunwaldzka 472D
80-309 Gdańsk

Our activities in Poland

In Poland our ambition is to be a preferred partner contributing to the Polish energy transition and the Norwegian-Polish energy cooperation.

Equinor has interest in all three Baltyk offshore wind development projects (MFW Baltyk III, MFW Baltyk II and MFW Baltyk I). This gives us the opportunity to build scale and value in what we see as an important energy region.

The wind farm area is in the Baltic Sea approximately 80 kilometers from the port of Leba, with water depths of 25-35 meters.

Baltyk III and Baltyk II are two early-phase offshore wind development projects where Equinor has a 50% interest and Polenergia has a 50% interest. The two projects have a planned capacity of 1440 MW with the potential to power more than 2 million Polish households.

In 2019 Equinor completed the acquisition of a 50% interest in the offshore wind development project Bałtyk I from Polenergia. The license allows for a development of a wind farm with a capacity up to 1,560 MW.

Equinor will be the manager for the construction preparation and the potential construction and operational phases of the projects. Equinor and Polenergia have a 50/50 joint venture and are working together to mature the Baltyk projects towards construction.

Equinor and partner Polenergia submit applications for CfDs, 5 March 2021 (PDF)